Year in Review 2023

2023 was certainly one of the years ever. For me, personally, it was a year of great creative energy, and full-on soul-sapping dredge at the same time. I wish I had played more music and more board games, but instead I used most of my free time doomscrolling and drinking. Oh, and I built, painted, and played lots of Warhammer too. Can’t forget about the Warhammer.

We (two colleagues and I) finally got round to playing Kill Team, and had lots of fun, but not as much got played these last couple of months. Let’s blame it on the fact that we all work retail, and this year has been hectic, to say the least. Nevertheless, we managed to get in a few matches. I was the only one who tried out different teams, though. The Intercession team was definitely the best – almost too powerful – but I think the Kroot or the Veteran Guardsmen might be my favourites, mostly because they’re thematically more interesting, but/and also because they open up for more play styles. The Intercession team basically just allows for charging forward, killing everything to gain the advantage. I also got my ass kicked by the Kommandos, which was fun.

For the last couple of years my main armies in 40K have been Tau and Flesh Tearers. I’ve planned and built out my FT army a lot this year, but sometime in November I realised I have too many Blood Angels bits that will go unused, and too many older models (the so called “Firstborn” type), so I decided to build a regular Blood Angels army too. And after a couple of weeks of work I have built almost 3000 points, basically without even trying. A fun way to make use of all the plastic I’ve bought over the years. 2024 will mark my sixth year in the hobby, by the way. My Tau army hasn’t seen any work at all in 2023, but I’m gonna keep on working on it this year, probably.

This post was originally going to have images mixed in with the text, but WordPress does weird and confusing things sometimes. Just going to have to put them all in a gallery at the bottom.

One other game I really got into (but haven’t played yet) is Mordheim. Turns out my friends have lots of old Mordheim stuff, and since the rules and everything are online nowadays, it was real easy getting into. I decided against trying to source the older models, and just went with the modern Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Underworlds models. They look better anyway.

Addendum 24–03–18: I can’t even remember writing this post. And the images I was thinking of displaying? No idea what they were. Might as well just press Publish now, and move on to the next shiny thing.