Inferno pistol tutorial

Everybody knows that Inferno Pistols are the coolest weapons in Warhammer 40K, right? If your Space Marines can use them, just do it. If they can’t, you’re playing the wrong army. I’ve got Blood Angels, so I’m safe. But the problem is that there are never enough of them in the kits, so eventually you’ll have to make your own. It’s easy, though, if you have the parts.

A photo of a kitbashed inferno pistol on a piece of ruled paper.

First you take a Grav Pistol, because noby uses them, and you have dozens lying around. Cut the barrel off, and do the same thing to a Combi-Melta. It’s gonna be fine. GW nerfed combi weapons in 10th, so there’s no reaason to use them anymore. Glue the combi barrel to the pistol. Almost done.

A Warhammer 40,000 Inferno Pistol in close up.

The OG Inferno Pistol has this little detail on the side, and lucky for us, the combi weapon also does. Carefully cut it off the combi weapon and glue it to either side of your DIY pistol.

Two Inferno Pistols side by side. The top one is homemade, and the bottom one is an original one.

I think it looks pretty good! And you can finally have a real hard hitting squad of flyboys with swords and pistols. And it’s thematically correct, too. One last thing.

Two inferno pistols side by side. The top one uses the barrel from the combi-melta weapon, and the other uses the barrel from a heavier melta.

You can use the barrel from other types of Melta weapons, this here is from an Eradicator that I cut up for other purposes. It’s a bit bigger, but doesn’t look too goofy, actually. Go nuts.