Brother Benicio of the Death Company

Brother Benicio first fell to the Black Rage before the battle of Raukus IV, a small planet located in the Segmentum Pacificus, and was sent into battle wearing his assault armour and jump pack. He was gifted the ancient chainsword known as Blood Screamer, and euipped with his plasma pistol he tore a bloody path through the heretics and mutants that had beset the planet and corrupted the populace.
After the battle was won, High Chaplain Appollus managed to gather up and subdue most of the Death Company marines, and brought them to the Death’s Cowl, where they were put in statis chambers in preparation for the next conlict. Benicio had lost his right arm and most of the flesh of his left, and his chainsword had been broken against the thick plating of a Chaos Dreadnought, but he survived, and was given the honour to fight again. However, he was deemed too insane to be trusted with a jump pack again, and so was clad in the armour of his brothers in the assault squad, and given a new right arm.

The Rage has now consumed him fully, and it is only a matter of time until it becomes too much even for the High Chaplain to control. One day death will come for him, and whatever remains of his body will be enshrined aboard the Death’s Cowl, in remembrance forever.